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Cloud companies move forward declaring adherence to SWIPO Codes of Conduct


20 May 2021


Innovation & Enterprise

Eight Cloud services providers have submitted a total of 21 Declarations of Adherence to a SWIPO Code of Conduct for IaaS and/or SaaS services, successfully demonstrating the implementation of the SWIPO Codes of Conduct published under self-regulation of Article 6 of the Free Flow of Non-Personal Data Regulation.[1]

SWIPO AISBL[2] is delighted to announce today that it received a total of 21 Declarations of Adherence to the SWIPO Codes of Conduct from Cloud Service Providers. The SWIPO association will soon publish the SWIPO Register of Declarations of Adherence on the SWIPO website:

The Register will show the list of Cloud Service Providers who voluntarily declared one or more of their named services adherent to the SWIPO Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS) Code of Conduct.

The companies who submitted these Declarations to the SWIPO Secretariat are: 3DS Outscale, Amazon Web Services, Aruba, Infoclip, Irideos, OVHCloud, Scaleway and CoreTech.[3]

Aniello Gentile, Manager at ENEL, and member of the Executive Board of SWIPO AISBL commented: ‎‎“These declarations of adherence represent a paramount step in the roadmap toward an open and ‎transparent market of cloud services. It is fostering the growth of the whole European Digital ‎Economy.‎ The commitment to ‘data portability’ principle is the foundation of SWIPO AISBL Codes and a pillar ‎for enabling the free flow of data in the EU. By assuring a ‘level playing field’ the declarations of ‎adherence will play a key role to promote a ‘trusted digital environment’ and the development of ‎important initiatives in the global data economy.”‎

With the submission of these Declarations these companies have made a public commitment to providing transparency to their customers when it comes to switching provider and porting related data by cloud service customers. SWIPO anticipates that more submissions will be received in the near in the next months.

This Press Release is also available on the SWIPO website.


[1] SWIPO AISBL was formed in 2020 as the self-regulatory body for the implementation of Article 6 on "Porting of Data" of the EU Free Flow of Non-Personal Data Regulation (FFOD).

[2] AISBL is the acronym for an international non-profit association under Belgian law.

[3] These companies are members of CISPE



SWIPO (Switching Cloud Providers and Porting Data) AISBL is a multi-stakeholder association facilitated by the European Commission with the mission to develop voluntary Codes of Conduct in support of Article 6 “Porting of Data” of the Free Flow on Non Personal Data Regulation (EU) 2018/1807.

After more than two years of work, the Codes of Conduct for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) are published. The Codes are intended to provide voluntary guidance for Cloud Providers and Cloud Customers to facilitate a Customer’s decision to switch its Cloud Provider and port its non-personal data.  Both Codes require a Cloud Provider to provide a transparency declaration to help the Customers in terms of what they may wish to consider before they undertake any such switching and porting activity.  These transparency declarations will provide more insight to Customers in terms of how the current Provider will support the switching process and help secure a safe transfer of relevant data to the new Provider.

Both Codes are intended to help prevent “vendor lock-in” by assisting the Customer in understanding the related processes when their business data is being transferred from one Provider to another.

SWIPO AISBL published the 2020 versions of its IaaS and SaaS Codes of Conduct available on The Codes are copyright-protected and can be downloaded free of charge subject to the related copyright notice and terms & conditions.

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