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Climate change: No time to lose on genuine and practical solidarity with developing world


23 Oct 2009


Climate & Environment

Calling for a December Copenhagen emissions deal that supports developing countries in adapting to climate change, Irish GUE/NGL MEP Bairbre de Brún said that climate change is a phenomenon for which developing countries are not responsible for but from which they suffer most.

"An expression of genuine and practical solidarity is needed. Developing countries must be given the financial and technical support, on top of overseas development aid, to help them deal with climate change" she said. "One of the most important yardsticks in assessing any agreement in Copenhagen will be how it helps developing countries tackle climate change. There is no time to lose - international action must be ambitious or we will face disaster."

Dutch MEP Kartika Liotard focused her contribution to the debate on the issue of deforestation saying that deforestation and clearings were "responsible for at least 18% of today's CO2 emissions".

Criticising the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) - an arrangement under the Kyoto Protocol permitting industrialised countries with emissions reduction commitments to invest in projects in developing countries, Liotard said that it was "not working properly as it finances projects in order to emit even more CO2".

Arguing that tackling climate change requires "focusing on the main issues", Portuguese MEP João Ferreira said it was unfortunate that the EU only considers market solutions to this problem.

"The main tool put forward by the EU is the carbon market but I think this will only stand in the way of a paradigm shift in our thinking. The ETS (Emissions trading Scheme) didn't reduce emissions, our focus is too market based" he said.

Marisa Matias MEP from Portugal said that putting together an action plan to support developing countries was "an issue of justice and fairness with the countries who are suffering from the problems we've created".

"If we're going to be credible about the fundamental issues then we must look at financing. There are estimates that say we need €120bn per annum to give to developing countries to help them fight climate change so we need serious resources and courage to take on these problems" she concluded.

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