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Chemical industry ready to speed up Innovation Union in Europe


06 Oct 2010


Innovation & Enterprise

October 6, 2010

BRUSSELS – The chemical industry is determined to lead the future of innovation with other sectors through the innovation partnerships announced today by the European Commission on active and healthy ageing, smart cities and mobility, water efficiency and non-energy raw materials.

The chemical industry welcomes the healthy ageing innovation partnership, as it plays a major product role in the health sector – namely medical care and the development of innovative materials. The industry forms the root of high-tech solutions such as biocompatible and bio-resorbant materials, early illness diagnosis, targeted and controlled drug delivery, self-cleaning surfaces and health monitoring systems. 

“The chemical sector stands out as a solution provider to major societal challenges,” said Gernot Klotz, head of Cefic research and innovation. “The industry’s unique position is a natural fit for a leadership role that frames the partnerships.”

An innovation partner

The chemical sector in Europe has a strategic, economic and social role to play in innovation. Its long-term track record in generating new products and processes drives innovation not only within the €449 billion European chemical industry but also within many other sectors.

Klotz added: “The healthy ageing innovation partnership is a highly visible first step by Europe and, like other upcoming partnerships, creates a bold shift in policy as value chain cooperation now becomes the rule of the game.”

Through the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry, also known as SusChem, the chemical industry has already put on the table a number of concrete topics for innovation partnerships in areas that are essential to the EU2020 Strategy: resource efficiency, sustainable mobility, construction and low carbon energy.

Klotz concluded: “It's high time to help build a strong, sustainable innovation framework in Europe, rather than try to patch up the individual-sector model of the past."

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