Cefic supports transparency measures: Commission and ECHA sign deal to set up EU observatory on nanomaterials


07 Dec 2016


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Brussels 7 December 2016 - An EU observatory for nanomaterials – tiny particles that often have unique properties for advanced manufacturing – has been welcomed by Cefic, the EU chemical industry council. The signing of this agreement follows the conclusion of a European Commission impact assessment on transparency measures for nanomaterials.

This observatory will ensure access to clear and understandable information on nanomaterials by collecting readily available data from various sources, including REACH. Chemical companies are already legally required to complete several European national databases on substances and products.

The impact assessment on transparency was launched as part of the Second Regulatory Review on Nanomaterials by the EU Commission. Through the assessment, the Commission concluded that this observatory offers greater transparency in the most cost effective manner. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), after the signing of this agreement, will take over the set up and hosting of the observatory. Its launch is expected in 2017. Cefic will proactively collaborate with ECHA and other interested parties in setting up the observatory.

What are nanomaterials and how are they used?

Nanomaterials are tiny substances that offer specific or improved properties, for example to increase strength or add conductivity in a weight efficient manner. They are already used as a key enabling technology in many sectors. For example, with nanotechnology, companies can manufacture products that have lower weight but are conversely, stronger. These can be used in many ways, including in car parts, batteries and sporting goods and with this increased strength are less easily damaged, reducing waste and helping towards the circular economy.

Further resources:

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-          ECHA communication on nanomaterials

-          Cefic position paper on nanomaterials

Contact: Dervla Gleeson, Cefic Media Relations Manager (dgl@cefic.be)




About Cefic:

Cefic, the European Chemical Industry Council, is the Brussels-based organisation that represents the European chemical industry. Created in 1972, it represents 29,000 companies that produce about a fifth of the world’s chemicals and employs around 1.2 million people. To learn more about Cefic, visit our Web site at www.cefic.org/newsroom



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