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CEEP: The most urgent task is to end the sovereign debt crisis


03 Oct 2011


Euro & Finance


This was the key message that Carl Cederschiöld, President of CEEP, presented at the Macroeconomic Dialogue meeting with the European social partners today in Luxembourg.

Confidence must be restored and the primacy of policy making over markets needs to be reestablished. Mr Cederschiöld stated: “It is unacceptable that public budgets are increasingly formulated in function of perceived financial market expectations, rather than of autonomous policy decisions.”

In his intervention Mr Cederschiöld also linked the roles of private and public actors. While up to half of the financial sector is still largely outside the supervisory and regulatory radar, the public services, which provide vital services for the economy and for societal cohesion, have to justify every bit of their activities in relation to Single Market and competition regulation. A balance should be restored before further damage is done for our economies and democracies. Carl Cederschiöld: “The pendulum has now swung too far from the public to the unregulated private sector. We should learn our lessons from that!

Carl Cederschiöld continued by welcoming the growing recognition that the Euro zone needs sufficient financial “firing power” to rule out repetition. This is indeed desirable, and it should be created fast.

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