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CEEP Comments on the Results of the UK Referendum


24 Jun 2016


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Commenting on the results of the UK referendum on EU membership, Katherina Reiche, President of European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing Public Services, and Valeria Ronzitti, General Secretary, said:

"Today is a difficult day for the European project. The European response must now meet the challenge. The Council next week needs to be decisive and firm in leading the way forward to a strong and united Europe. EU leaders can count on the contribution and full support of public services’ employers and providers in that direction. CEEP is and will always remain an open platform for exchange and cooperation and this will represent an important benchmark to establish a new type of relationship with UK and CEEPUK.”

In their personal capacity , Tom Beattie, Vice-President of CEEP and President of CEEPUK, and Mick Brodie, Chair of CEEP Social Affairs Board and Director of CEEPUK, said:

“As fervent supporters of the UK's membership of the EU we are obviously extremely disappointed over the result but also upset and angry that the campaign for membership has been fought in such a negative and divisive way with both sides resorting to fear "tactics". The positive case for continued membership has never been effectively stated. So for both of us and the 16,141,241 who voted to remain in the EU, we will today have to come to terms with the decision and trust that whoever leads the UK's negotiation with Europe over our exit ensures that the best interests of the UK are met whilst at the same time ensuring that our relationships with all European countries are maintained.”


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REHVA - Federation of European Heating & Air Conditioning Associations
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