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Cable Provides “Most Reliable Download Speeds” in Europe


26 Jun 2013


Innovation & Enterprise
Latest European Commission report on Quality of Broadband Services in the EU by SamKnows puts cable in first place for reliability of download speeds

Statement from Cable Europe Executive Chairman, Matthias Kurth:
“European cable customers have another reason to be happy following the results of a new European Commission study on broadband download speeds: They are getting the most reliable download speeds in the European marketplace. Cable stands out as the front runner in the findings by providing 91.4% of the advertised speeds during peak hours and nearly a 95% average over 24 hour periods. Cable performs well above the European average which sees other customers receiving only 74% of the advertised speed for which they have subscribed. According to the findings, xDSL based services achieved 63.3% of the advertised headline download speed.
Cable customers averaged 33.08 Mbps across Europe for peak download speeds. This places our customers in a good position well before the achievement of one of Commissioner Kroes’ goals within the Digital Agenda to ensure 30 Mbps for all of its citizens by 2020.
The European cable industry competes head to head with other providers for consumers and this infrastructure competition is instrumental in boosting the quality of connectivity in Europe. The SamKnows results unveil a new pan-European set of metrics by which consumers can continue to make informed choices when choosing a provider in a dynamic and fast-moving connectivity market.
This survey, the first of three, is a good step forward to give European customers more transparency on service quality that they deserve. European cable providers also consider this an encouraging move for a competitive setting where not only pricing, but also quality, becomes more and more relevant.”
SamKnows results:\
More on the Quality of Broadband Services in the EU:



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