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Bullmann to Macron: Monsieur le président, you have the choice to show us if you are a progressive European!


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Today, S&D Group president Udo Bullmann challenged the French president Emmanuel Macron on his speech for a ‘rebirth of Europe’ delivered in the EP plenary session in Strasbourg.
S&D Group president Udo Bullmann said:
“It is not enough to play the Ode to Joy and walk on red carpets chanting the hymn. No, the European rebirth must happen through concrete political action serving the people, based on joint, responsible and above all European actions!
“Who is your partner and with whom do you want to achieve such a ‘rebirth of Europe’?
“We Socialists and Democrats welcome your enthusiasm and passion for Europe. We would like to see more leaders with your commitment. But, Monsieur le président - words are not enough! Words must become concrete action - and that is what we as Socialists and Democrats are worried about!
“You say you want to ‘protect European citizens’. So why do you block the proposal for a directive on work-life-balance in the Council, which allows mothers to come back to the workplace?
"The Financial Transaction Tax, which was ready for implementation by member states, was not implemented either, due to the resistance of the French Government. Finally, on refugees, I am not sure that the way this is being dealt with in France, respects European decency and the dignity of the French nation. 
“Our Group knows what it means to make democratic politics for the people - in a true European and responsible way. 
“We are not walking on red carpets, but we are in streets, on market squares and in houses listening to people and their needs. Fighting for a fairer and more just society in which the many and not the few can live the European dream.
“You have the choice. If you want to make politics for a better life for the people, you have a friend in us. It is your decision.”


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