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British and fellow Europeans gather to call to Stop Brexit and Vote for Europe


UK in Europe
It’s time for Westminster to stop voting again and again. It's time for the people to vote FOR something. Vote FOR Europe!
Rue de la Loi between Rond-Point Schuman and Cinquantenaire Park, 12:30-14:00 on 21 March 2019 (access from park side)
Another European Council will start this Thursday with the UK Government increasingly desperate to save its policy.
Campaigners calling to stop Brexit and stay in the European Union will gather near the Council building from 12.30 to 14.00 to urge leaders to extend the Article 50 deadline. The British people need time to find a solution.
The rally will be addressed by a number of leading campaigners and politicians, including Lord Adonis, Richard Corbett, Sir Graham Watson and EU Supergirl Madeleina Kay.
Andrew Adonis, Vice-Chairman of the European Movement UK, says: ‘Millions of Britons are protesting against Brexit up and down the land. We are here in Brussels today to re-affirm our belief in Europe and ask our European friends to give us time to recommit to our shared destiny. And on Saturday we’ll be marching in London to demand a final say.’
Those protesting today are clear that Brexit as promised cannot be delivered. Campaign coordinator for ProEuropa, Nick Crosby, says: ‘Public opinion in the UK is now clear. People want the opportunity to think again on Brexit through a public vote on May’s deal versus membership. Enough is enough. Put it to the people. But please give us the time to do this!’
Sharon Leclercq-Spooner, who will moderate the event, says: ‘It’s time to stop the madness! The EU is not the problem. Brexit is not the solution. We must renew democracy in the UK and the EU and address our common challenges together.’
Event organiser Hector McGillivray says: ‘The government has failed. Parliament has failed. It’s time to go back to the people.’
For media inquiries please contact:
Mark Johnston at +32 (0)499 539 732
Organiser: Hector McGillivray at +32 (0)472 206 356
With the backing of ProEuropa, a Brussels-based movement of committed volunteers, BEST for BRITAINAlliance Europa, a pro-European civil-society organisation, the UK European Movement and EU40, a network of young, pro-European MEPs in the European Parliament.