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Biogas sector launches 1st overview on European biogas and gasification technologies


09 Nov 2021


  • Biogas sector presents first overview of European technologies to boost deployment of renewable gas as global leaders discuss climate goals at COP26
  • The publication is part of the DiBiCoo EU project, aimed at connecting biogas technology providers in Europe with biogas projects developed outside EU borders

Brussels 9 November 2021 – The European Biogas Association (EBA) is launching the first comprehensive categorization of European Biogas and Gasification Technologies, aimed at giving visibility to high-quality European products and services from the biogas sector. Global leaders are now discussing the next steps in the climate agenda at the COP26 summit and the urgent need for deep and sustained reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. The EU biogas sector is strongly committed with climate-neutrality and is ready to deploy increased shares of renewable gas, supported by recognised technology applications and services.

The sector is well developed in Europe and is ready to scale-up. According to data from the European Biogas Association, the combined production of biogas and its upgraded from, biomethane, could cover today 4.6% of the whole EU gas demand. By 2050, about 30-40 % of EU gas needs can be met by biogas/biomethane. As one of the global leaders in biogas production, European producers are now seeking new ways for cooperation with third countries to support the deployment of biogas outside EU borders.

The EBA, together with the German Biogas Association (FvB) and the Austrian Compost and Biogas Association, are already working on this direction in the framework of the DiBiCoo EU Project. One of the fruits of this cooperation is the Categorization of European Biogas and Gasification Technologies presented today. The overview is divided in 2 different publications, one dedicated to anaerobic digestion (AD) and the other one focused on gasification. These guides are intended as a solid starting point in learning about anaerobic digestion and gasification.

After the introductory section about Anaerobic Digestion (AD), the first publication follows the logic of the biogas production process, progressing from on-site feedstock storage options and pre- treatment requirements to the various digester technologies. Special, detailed chapters are included on issues of particular relevance for all biogas plants (including, for example, a chapter on measurement, control and regulation technologies). The upgrading of biogas to biomethane quality is introduced, along with other biogas applications, such as its GHG mitigation potential and use in Combined Heat & Power (CHP) plants.

The second publication, tackling gasification, provides an introductory section on biomass conversion processes. The text follows the logic of the wood gas production process, progressing from the various gasifier technologies to feedstock specifics, storage, and necessary pre-treatment. Special, detailed chapters on issues of particular relevance for all gasification plants are included (e.g. on measurement, control and regulation technologies).

The deployment of renewable energy, including biogas, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at global level is urgent. Global cooperation in the framework of projects such as DiBiCoo is essential to speed- up this process with the implementation of new renewable energy projects, ensuring the best possible future for our next generations. The value of biogas is heightened in scenarios such as the IEA Sustainable Development Scenario (SDS), which meet in full the world’s goals to tackle climate change, improve air quality and provide access to modern energy.


Angela Sainz Arnau : +32 2 400 10 89 EBA Communications Manager

About DiBiCoo

This EU project facilitates collaboration between European biogas industries & stakeholders from emerging and developing markets through the development and application of innovative digital and non-digital support tools, knowledge transfer and capacity building.

About the European Biogas Association

EBA is the voice of renewable gas in Europe. Founded in February 2009, the association is committed to the active promotion of the deployment of sustainable biogas and biomethane production and use throughout the continent. EBA counts today on a well established network of over 200 national organisations, scientific institutes and companies from Europe and beyond.

About the German Biogas Association

Fachverband Biogas e.V. represents the biogas industry in the German Renewable Energy Federation (BEE) e.V. Fachverband Biogas e.V. is Europe’s largest advocacy organisation for the biogas sector and counts nearly 4,800 members, including operators, manufacturers and planners of biogas plants as well as representatives from science and industry.

About the Austrian Compost and Biogas Association

Austrian Compost & Biogas Association (Arge Kompost & Biogas, Austria) provides information in relation to composting and biogas solutions for the Autrian market. It is the umbrella organization for currently five national organizations. For 20 years, our state have been providing plant operators with expert advice on planning, plant operation and communication with authorities. ARGE Compost & Biogas represents Austria more than 490 plants from the compost and biogas sector.

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