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Better for everyone if Europe works together


20 Jan 2016


Europe's East
Science & Policymaking

"We want to deliver alongside the Dutch Presidency. Europe has to deliver in a practical, understandable way for its people", said Manfred Weber MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group, during the debate on the programme and activities of the Dutch Presidency with Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The big issue for Chairman Weber is how to convince people of the European project.

"Populists are happy and applaud when someone criticises Europe, but they are silent when we talk about Russia, how we ensure peace, how we create jobs for citizens. They do so because they know that they have no answers to the challenges the continent is facing in the future. We need to tell this story, this narrative to the people that it is better for Europe when it works together", concluded Manfred Weber.

The EPP Group supports finding answers to defending and maintaining the idea of Schengen, achieving fast results on proposals such as third safe countries, on Frontex and fast-track procedures. This also includes the question of security, PNR data and improvement on the exchange of data on criminal records. The future of the Eurozone, reforms in order to have more competitiveness in Europe and to remain strong in a globalised world are also very important. Economic development and trade policy are also essential. The EPP Group supports the trade agreements with Canada and the United States as generators of more jobs.