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16 Jul 2013


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On 9 July 2013, the new child restraint regulation came into force. Manufacturers are now able to have Child-Restraint Systems (CRS) meeting the new i-Size Regulation type-approved. The new Regulation (R129) can be seen as an enhancement of the well-known UNECE Regulation 44 (R44), and covers integral harness ISOFIX child restraints exclusively. They can be recognised by the i-Size label on the product.

ANEC, having contributed substantially to the development of the new Regulation, believes the Regulation brings the protection of children in cars to the next level by, among other innovations, requiring the rearward-facing transport of children to at least 15 months of age, and introducing a side-impact test procedure.
Moreover, each i-Size CRS can be used on every i-Size seating position in a car, so removing the need to check compatibility of the CRS with individual models of car.
Stature-based classification also replaces classification based on mass. These two improvements are expected to reduce the incorrect fitment of CRS.
The first CRS that meet the i-Size Regulation are expected to appear on the market in the second half of 2013. Cars with i-Size labelled seating positions are expected to arrive later, as new models are announced.

R44 seats still provide a high level of protection when used properly. They will remain on sale for the next few years until sufficient products meeting the R129 i-Size Regulation are available. During the transitional period, ANEC and its partners will provide guidance to consumers on the use of i-Size products in cars that were type-approved prior to the introduction of the new Regulation, as well as on the use of R44 approved ISOFIX CRS in newly-approved cars with i-Size seating positions.

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