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Ban unpaid internships, S&Ds call on conservatives and liberals


17 Feb 2022


Social Europe & Jobs

The European Parliament will tomorrow vote on a resolution on post-pandemic youth, which contains an S&D amendment on banning unpaid internships. In the afternoon, members will debate on youth questions in the framework of the European Year of Youth 2022. The Socialists and Democrats call on all political groups to walk the talk, and deliver real progress and hope for young people, who were hit hardest by the pandemic and its fall-out.

On 1 April 2022, the S&D Group will hold a special event on youth in Palma de Mallorca, which will also be livestreamed on our #Progressives4Europe platform as part of our Conference of Europe events series

Alicia Homs, S&D MEP responsible for youth, said:

“When you work, you get paid. But this simple principle does not apply to half of all young Europeans who have not been paid for their internship. These interns are treated as a cheap and disposable workforce. This is exploitation. Because gaining experience does not pay your bills. We, the Socialists and Democrats, are campaigning at an EU level to ban unpaid internships.  We call on conservative and liberal members of Parliament to finally join our fight. They supported the European Year of Youth 2022 and are having this plenary debate, but paying lip service is not enough. It is time to deliver on young people’s rights. This is why we call on all members to vote for banning unpaid internships, today!”

Petra Kammerevert, MEP, S&D negotiator on the European Year of Youth, said:

“We, the Socialists and Democrats, have long been fighting to put an end to unpaid internships throughout the European Union. It is fully in line with our philosophy that all work should be respected and adequately remunerated, and this includes internships.

“Moreover, the promise of social advancement through education must be valid throughout the EU. We give young people a perspective if we guarantee them that everyone can have a career and enjoy prosperity without regard to their parents’ wallets if she or he is willing to be educated. We, the S&D Group, expect the European Year of Youth to be given real substance. Young people deserve that we stand behind them in their educational and first professional steps. We hope that the other groups in the European Parliament will not deny them this.”