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Arctic: EU must stake its claim


13 Mar 2014


Climate & Environment
In a Resolution today, the European Parliament requested the development of a proper EU strategy for the Arctic. Michael Gahler MEP, Rapporteur on the Arctic, said: “The EU must address its interest and responsibilities towards the Arctic which is a region facing not only drastic changes and challenges, but also increased engagement of new political and business actors, not least from Asia.”
Gahler was responsible for drafting the 2011 EP Report and coordinated negotiations for an updated Resolution paying attention to both the EU’s ambitions on a diplomatic level to participate in the Arctic Council, but also to the significant amount of European engagement in the Arctic and resulting European interests in contributing to sustainable development, environmental protection and cooperation in research and development.
The need to maintain a special interface with the EU Institutions, connecting Arctic stakeholders from politics, science, civil society and business, was reiterated, as well as the support for an EU Arctic Information Centre, a network of science institutions to be established.
In the last years, the Arctic has witnessed both dramatic changes in its environment and strongly increasing interest by business eager to develop energy and raw material resources and new global transport routes and communications. This is mirrored on the political level by preparations for Business Round Tables and other fora.
Gahler requested that the European Commission and Member States ensure that European business and science can contribute to a balanced and sustainable development with high European environmental and socio-economic standards, in particular in view of increased activities of Asian nations like China and South Korea.
The EPP Group is by far the largest political group in the European Parliament with 274 Members from 27 Member States.
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