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Annan plan has been killed- 477 times and counting


25 Apr 2012


Global Europe

Commenting after the meeting between the UN special envoy, Kofi Annan and the UN Security Council last night, Guy Verhofstadt  asks "Has the Annan plan worked? Ask the families of the 477 souls lost since the April 12th ceasefire .  The Annan plan has been killed - 477 times and counting".

He continued "Sending observers to Syria has revealed what we already know that Bashar al Assad's forces are still killing people, ignoring all  promises and continuing to commit crimes against humanity  . The European Union through its representatives in the UN Security Council, France, United Kingdom and Germany should act.  Recently introduced sanctions on luxury goods - may stop Mrs Assad from buying expensive jewellery and fondue sets online but will not stop her husband brutally murdering the Syrian people.  By acting I mean the creation of safe zones, humanitarian corridors and support for the Syrian opposition, with the Security Council if we can, without the Security Council if necessary."

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