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The Alliance of European Car Dealers and Repairers (AECDR) welcomes initiative of the European Commission regarding sector-specific legislation on access to in vehicle generated data, functions and resources


06 Jul 2022


Innovation & Enterprise

AECDR strongly supports the European Commission´s proposal on the Data Act as consumers and other  users of connected products will be empowered with the right not only to have access to product  generated data but also to share those data with third parties. But according to AECDR this horizontal  approach can only be the first step. Additional, sector specific legislation is needed to ensure innovation  and fair competition in the automotive aftermarket and other mobility related services. 

During a meeting with representatives of DG GROW AECDR members pointed out that sector specific  legislation is extremely relevant for the authorized vehicle dealers and repairers in Europe which are  represented by AECDR. This becomes even more important as many OEMs actually change their distribution from dealer to agency systems which will grant them direct access to the customer. 

“If the European Commission wants to ensure that the automotive customers in the future have the best  possible choice of products and mobility solutions we need non-discriminatory access to in-vehicle  generated data, functions and resources. Sector specific legislation is therefore essential. It´s also important  that the Commission gets all relating initiatives as SERMI (security related information) and the MVBER  (Motor Block exemption regulation) in line.” says Tommy Letzén CEO at MRF the Swedish motor trade  organization being part of AECDR. 

AECDR took part in the public consultation and provided the Commission with the position of franchised  vehicle dealers in Europe. But AECDR is not happy that the deadline of the consultation has been  postponed by 6 weeks. That means that possible legislation might also come later than expected.  


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