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ALDE WEEK AHEAD 10-14 September 2012


07 Sep 2012


EU Priorities 2020

State of the Union

Key Debate Wednesday


Barroso will unveil his proposals to reform the banking sector during his state of the union address on 12 September.   So far the EU as not be able to tackle this crisis decisively. The EU's credibility rests on its ability to agree a way forward. Much time has been lost through half measures and political short-sightedness.  The current critical state of the Union requires the urgent need for bold, structural measures to end the crisis.  ALDE demand speedy progress in developing the four pillars of banking, economic, fiscal and political union on the basis of legislative proposals from the Commission, that will constitute the comprehensive structural support for the Eurozone.


Guy Verhofstadt: telephone +33 3 88 17 55 66



Debate Tuesday, vote Wednesday



Tuesday 11 September at 16h00:  Press conference on the situation inside Syria with Guy Verhofstadt and two Syrian civilian journalists recently escaped from Aleppo - Mr Rami Al Jarrah and Mr Deiaa Aldeen Doghmugh



ALDE have invited two civilian journalists to Strasbourg, who have recently fled from Aleppo to give first hand account of what is happening inside the country.  For the last 18 months ALDE has been calling for international intervention to ease the humanitarian crisis facing Syrian refugees.   There is no immediate end in sight to the violence, nor any hope to resolve this conflict.  We cannot wait in the sidelines until the Assad regime is toppled before we act.  How bad does it have to get before we do something, another thousand, ten thousand, a million persons fleeing?  At what moment will the international community come to the aid of these persecuted Syrians? 


Guy Verhofstadt: telephone +33 3 88 17 55 66



Debate Tuesday


There is notable deterioration of the situation of fundamental rights in Russia and this is a serious concern for the ALDE Group. The latest cases of abuse of justice system for political purposes seriously undermine the position of the Russian Federation as a member state of the Council of Europe. Next week's debate in the European Parliament will be an opportunity to start a broader discussion on the deteriorating political, economic and civic freedoms in Russia.


Kristina Ojuland, telephone + 33 3 88 17 55 83


Non sustainable fishing for the purpose of conserving fish stocks

Debate Tuesday, vote Wednesday

Pat the Cope Gallagher will present his report on trade measures to the European Parliament this week for approval following  negotiations  on a first-reading agreement with the Danish Presidency.   ALDE believes that the agreed text will deliver both workable and effective  measures, i.e. trade sanctions, which will act as a real deterrent to countries who engage in unsustainable fishing practices now and in the future.    These trade measures shall not replace extensive negotiations with third countries on shared fish stocks but give the EU a strong tool at hand in the fight for sustainable fisheries resources. 


Pat the Cope Gallagher, telephone + 33 3 88 17 55 91


Conservation and sustainable exploitation of fisheries resources

Debate Tuesday, vote Wednesday


This report by former ALDE MEP Carl Haglund is part of the CFP reform package put forward by the Commission.  Today, two thirds of the European fish stocks are overfished. The general condition of the European fish stocks is alarming. This is however not only an ecological disaster; it is also an economic and social disaster. The poor state of the fish stocks has also made it necessary to subsidise the fishing industry. In times of austerity the taxpayers’ money is needed elsewhere. Therefore we must make fishing profitable again in the same way it has been profitable for thousands of years in Europe.  The CFP-reform involves billions of euros, tens of thousands of jobs and a million tonnes of catches   and will decide on the next 10 years of the fishing industry .


Nils Torvalds, telephone +33 3 88 17 55 85


Energy Efficiency

Debate Tuesday, vote Tuesday


The European Parliament will vote on the energy efficiency deal reached between EU Member States and MEPs in June after months of negotiations.  Although the deal reached will only put us back on track for energy efficiency savings of around 17% by 2020, it is an important step in the right direction on which we will build and improve.  In particular, the early review of the process starting in 2014 will provide another opportunity to push for further measures if necessary.


Fiona Hall, telephone + 33 3 88 17 55 61


Press Conferences


Tuesday 11 September



14h00: :  Press conference on the situation inside Syria with Guy Verhofstadt and two Syrian civilian journalists recently escaped from Aleppo - Mr Rami Al Jarrah and Mr Deiaa Aldeen Doghmugh





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