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ALDE Senior MEP in Cairo to assess situation at first hand


14 Feb 2011


Global Europe

Edward McMillan-Scott (LibDem, UK), Vice-President of the European Parliament responsible for democracy and founder of the European Union’s €160m democracy and human rights instrument, is currently inEgypt’s capital Cairo to assess the situation at first hand.

At a joint press conference with Dr Ayman Nour, leader of the El Ghad liberal party, Edward McMillan-Scott said:

"I am not here as a Briton or European, I am here as an honorary Egyptian, to rejoice in the defeat of a tyrant. Now we should stand back and leave it to the Arab countries to move towards democracy. We'll help if they ask but this is their future.

"The forthcoming elections bring special challenges. Let us hope that all parties will compete fairly, without privilege and in the interests of the Egyptian people."

Edward commenting on the situation from Tahrir Square:

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