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2019 Activity Report – Solutions to enhance consumer trust in data-driven advertising


13 Mar 2020



2019 was a coming of age year for data privacy in the European Union. With the GDPR firmly established, we saw shifting consumer expectations, shifting regulatory scrutiny and shifting terms of business. This is precisely why, as things move faster and further, the efficient, quick-to-adapt nature of self-regulation is so essential as we move forward.

In this climate, EDAA and its governing associations – representing the entire online advertising ecosystem – continue to provide meaningful self-regulatory solutions towards enhancing consumer trust in data-driven advertising.

This Activity Report offers but a glimpse of EDAA’s work undertaken in 2019 to pave the way to addressing these crucial issues as we move forward. As the landscape keeps shifting, EDAA will continue 1) to provide invaluable services to all its participating companies and offer credible evidence of what effective self-regulation can achieve; and 2) to deliver industry-critical, consumer-facing self-regulatory solutions for data-driven advertising.

Discover the report below or download it here.



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