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2011 Budget for the European Parliament: ALDE supports rigour


18 May 2010

At a time when all EU member states are being hit with tight budgetary restrictions, the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe appreciates that the European Parliament attempts to introduce austerity when it presents its needs for the 2011 budget, which was voted on today during the Strasbourg plenary session.

"The Lisbon treaty has increased the workload of the European Parliament, which needs to be met with increased expertise, but any increase must go hand in hand with a redistribution of existing resources, aiming to further improve the efficiency of EP's important work. That's why we do not think that it is necessary to increase the expenses for MEP's secretarial allowance, as we are still waiting for an evaluation of the implementation of the new members and assistants´ statutes. We also consider it unnecessary for Members holding particular positions in Parliament to receive increased allowances, emphasising that all MEPs are equal regardless of position. Furthermore this must be the last time the Lisbon treaty is used to justify increases in staff expenses for the European Parliament", argued Carl HAGLUND (Svenska folkpartiet, Finland) following Parliament's budget proposals for 2011 on behalf of the ALDE group.

"As of 1988 the 20% limit for the Parliament's budget was a self-imposed ceiling and we have to realise that since then many changes have come into force: enlargement, Members Statute, Lisbon Treaty etc. Parliament has more responsibilities and more legislative workload so we cannot treat the 20% limit as written in stone. However, we should have self-disciplined, balanced and responsible approach while deciding on our institution's budget." commented Anne JENSEN (Venstre, Denmark), ALDE spokesperson on the Budget Committee.

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