World Sight Day: Statement on the role of medical technologies play on improving lives of people with visual impairment


Health & Consumers

BRUSSELS, 10 October 2018 – Tomorrow is World Sight Day 2018. It reminds us about the importance of sight. Over 80% of all vision impairment can be prevented or cured. However, there remains a lot to do that patients across Europe can access diagnosis and treatment on time.  

MedTech Europe’s Ophthalmology Sector Group represents eyecare manufacturers in Europe. Its mission is to promote dialogue with stakeholders to encourage initiatives that help solving the growing problem of vision loss. New technological discoveries can be a critical part of addressing this challenge.

On the eve of World Sight Day, our group is renewing its commitment to help improve access to eye care innovation for all Europeans. In light of this commitment, the group is aiming to foster a meaningful dialogue with European and national policy-makers as well as other stakeholders to elevate the profile of eye health. “Eye and vision health should be seen as an important public health priority”, said Ian Bell – EMEA Regional President at Alcon and chair of the Ophthalmology Sector Group.

253 million people have visual impairment world-wide. Of these, 39 million are Europeans. Despite that, eye health often receives limited attention from governments. Our group offers a platform for dialogue to share experiences and best practices. Its aim is to raise awareness amongst policy-makers about socio-economic opportunities of good eye health and, on the opposite, about the social and economic burden of vision loss. 

Our member companies work to profoundly improve the lives of people with visual impairment, by delivering innovative technological solutions and new treatments that help healthcare professionals work more effectively and efficiently and keep people active and productive.



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