S&Ds: Set our citizens free from pesticides in urban areas. The EU should invest more in networking best practices at European level


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Organised by the S&D with the valuable contribution of PAN Europe (Pesticide Action Network), the first round table on the theme ‘Pesticides free cities: European policies, local strategies and future prospects’ was held at the European Parliament in Brussels. Following the round table, the agriculture coordinator Nicola Caputo, the president of the pesticides committee and S&D vice president, Eric Andrieu, the vice president of the environment committee Pavel Poc and the rapporteur for the implementing report on SUP Directive Jytte Guteland, in a joint declaration stated: 
“This was an animated and constructive debate where MEPs, members of the European Commission, representatives of the Committee of the Regions and mayors of some European municipalities, called on EU Institutions and member states for a total ban of chemical pesticides in urban areas.
"The final joint declaration stemming from this event represents a dutiful act of great responsibility towards European citizens, especially the most vulnerable groups, such as children. There is no doubt that Europe needs to increase its efforts to phase out harmful substances from our daily lives, we all deserve to live in a non-toxic environment.
“Local governments banning pesticides in public spaces are leading this transition and setting an example for all of us to follow. They understood that laziness or recklessness are not acceptable reasons for creating unnecessary burden for public health. This will be only the first step for the implementation of the pesticide free towns network".


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