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EP budget - Decision to release funds for new 'European House of History' criticised as irresponsible GREENS/EFA GROUP 17 Mar 2011
Environment and plastic waste GREENS/EFA GROUP 07 Mar 2013 Climate & Environment, EU Priorities 2020, Sustainable Dev.
Energy efficiency - EP vote for stronger, binding rules a boost for EU economic and energy goals GREENS/EFA GROUP 28 Feb 2012 Energy
Energy efficiency - EP adopts crucial new law; swift implementation urged to maximise EU energy savings drive GREENS/EFA GROUP 11 Sep 2012 EU Priorities 2020
Energy efficiency MEPs endorse deal on new rules as key step to meeting 2020 target but await action on emissions trading scheme GREENS/EFA GROUP 12 Jul 2012 Energy
Energy Council - nuclear safety / Proposed stress tests cannot be used to gloss over fundamental decisions on nuclear power GREENS/EFA GROUP 21 Mar 2011 Climate & Environment, Energy
Energy and carbon tax EP vote adds momentum to push for EU energy and carbon tax GREENS/EFA GROUP 29 Feb 2012 Energy
Emissions Trading System backloading GREENS/EFA GROUP 20 Jun 2013 Climate & Environment, Energy, Sustainable Dev.
Emissions trading scheme - Commission behind the game in repairing misfiring climate policy GREENS/EFA GROUP 14 Nov 2012 Climate & Environment, EU Priorities 2020
Electronic waste (WEEE) EP votes to tighten EU rules on waste electric and electronic goods GREENS/EFA GROUP 03 Feb 2011 Climate & Environment
Egypt Cross-party coalition of young MEPs presses Ashton on Egypt GREENS/EFA GROUP 07 Feb 2011 Global Europe
Economic governance package - EP misses opportunity to push for fair and comprehensive EU economic governance GREENS/EFA GROUP 20 Apr 2011 Euro & Finance, Trade & Society
Economic governance - 2 pack GREENS/EFA GROUP 12 Mar 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance
Development policy - EU must support developing countries to clamp down on tax havens and tax evasion GREENS/EFA GROUP 08 Mar 2011
Data retention (PNR) EU-US PNR agreement should be rejected by EP GREENS/EFA GROUP 02 Feb 2012 Security, Justice & Home Affairs
Data protection - financial transactions EU bank transfer analysis system is the wrong approach GREENS/EFA GROUP 13 Jul 2011 Health & Consumers
Data privacy (PNR) - Fundamental rights concerns ignored as hypocritical MEPs endorse EU-Australia PNR deal GREENS/EFA GROUP 18 Oct 2011
Dalli resignation/EU tobacco legislation Smoke must be lifted on circumstances of Dalli resignation and EU tobacco rules not further delayed GREENS/EFA GROUP 23 Oct 2012 EU Priorities 2020
Croatian EU accession gets broad support but reforms must continue GREENS/EFA GROUP 01 Dec 2011 Enlargement
Croatia war crimes ruling - Croatian acceptance of ruling and cooperation with tribunal crucial for EU membership process GREENS/EFA GROUP 15 Apr 2011 Enlargement
Criminal rights - Greater cross-border rights during criminal proceedings, as MEPs endorse EU letter of rights GREENS/EFA GROUP 13 Dec 2011 Global Europe, Justice & Home Affairs
Credit rating agencies Downgraded deal on new EU rules approved, as opportunity missed for more ambitious regulation GREENS/EFA GROUP 16 Jan 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance
Corporate tax - High time for mandatory common base for corporate tax in Europe GREENS/EFA GROUP 15 Mar 2011
Corporate tax - EP gives thumbs up to corporate tax base as step to ending tax arbitrage, reducing business costs GREENS/EFA GROUP 19 Apr 2012 Euro & Finance
Consumer rights rules - EP votes to strengthen consumer protection EU-wide GREENS/EFA GROUP 24 Mar 2011 Health & Consumers
Conservatives and Liberals block stronger investor protection GREENS/EFA GROUP 03 Jul 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Euro & Finance
Conference "Putting victims’ rights into practice. How to implement EU directive on victims’ rights" GREENS/EFA GROUP 22 Nov 2012 EU Priorities 2020, Security
Commission takes action against Hungary in selected areas; assessment misses bigger picture GREENS/EFA GROUP 17 Jan 2012
Commission proposes 'plan' for inaction on energy efficiency in EU GREENS/EFA GROUP 08 Mar 2011 Energy, EU Priorities 2020
Commission proposals would set EU on the wrong road for climate policy to 2050 GREENS/EFA GROUP 08 Mar 2011 Climate & Environment



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