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Company Description

ENISA- defending the future

Every day we experience the Information Society. Interconnected networks are touching our everyday lives, at home and at work. It is therefore vital that e.g. computers, mobile phones, banking, high-tech cars and the Internet are functioning, as they constitute the "Digital Economy". That is why ENISA is working with Network and Information Security for the EU and the Member States.


  • Is a Centre of Expertise for the EU Member States and EU Institutions in Network and Information Security, giving expert advice and recommendations
  • Is a switchboard of information for best practices
  • Facilitates contacts between the EU-institutions, the Members States and the private business & industry actors

ENISA consequently contributes to modernising Europe and securing the smooth functioning of the Digital Economy and the Information Society.



Press Releases of this organisation

New EU Agency report on Governmental Cloud Computing Security in EU. ENISA 17 Jan 2011 InfoSociety, Justice & Home Affairs
Data Breach Notifications in Europe - new EU Agency report ENISA 14 Jan 2011 EU Priorities 2020, InfoSociety
The Anatomy of Online Shopping dissected: new EU Agency white paper ENISA 17 Dec 2010 Health & Consumers, InfoSociety
First EU Cyber Security Exercise 'Cyber Europe 2010’ with 320 ‘incidents’ successfully concluded ENISA 05 Nov 2010 Justice & Home Affairs, InfoSociety
EU Agency analysis of ‘Stuxnet’ malware: a paradigm shift in threats and Critical Information Infrastructure Protection. ENISA 08 Oct 2010 InfoSociety
ENISA & European Schoolnet -new prize for teaching of online safety in schools ENISA 21 Sep 2010 InfoSociety
EU Agency identifies incentives & challenges for cyber security information sharing in Europe ENISA 10 Sep 2010 Justice & Home Affairs, Security
EU Agency maps key online security actors, strategies, and good practices across Europe ENISA 12 May 2010 Justice & Home Affairs, Security
Future EU Research: IT Security Priorities Identified in new Study - Always Online Availability in Focus ENISA 05 May 2010 Justice & Home Affairs, Security
Flying 2.0? ENISA launches study on future challenges of Internet of Things/RFID in air travel ENISA 13 Apr 2010 Security, Justice & Home Affairs
New Permanent Stakeholders’ Group of top IT security advisors appointed ENISA 17 Feb 2010 Justice & Home Affairs, Security
Instantly online-17 golden rules to combat online risks and for safer surfing mobile social networks ENISA 08 Feb 2010 Security, Justice & Home Affairs
Spam Survey 2009: status report of the fight against spam in Europe ENISA 21 Jan 2010 Security, Justice & Home Affairs
ENISA launches new Position Paper on security risks in online banking through European eID cards ENISA 26 Nov 2009 Global Europe, Justice & Home Affairs
ENISA clears the fog on cloud computing security ENISA 20 Nov 2009 Security, Justice & Home Affairs
New Executive Director at EU ‘cyber security’ Agency ENISA: Helmbrecht at the helm ENISA 16 Oct 2009 Justice & Home Affairs, Security
ENISA -1st EU Agency to deliver its web content over IPv6 ENISA 13 Oct 2009 Justice & Home Affairs, Security
ENISA - celebrating 5 years of ‘making Europe safer’ ENISA 09 Oct 2009 Justice & Home Affairs, Security
ENISA warns of alarming increase in ATM crime ENISA 07 Sep 2009 Justice & Home Affairs, Security
Time to advise Europe on security. Call for new Experts to the EU Agency ENISA’s Permanent Stakeholders’ Group ENISA 17 Jul 2009 Security, Justice & Home Affairs
Cyber security threats in Europe: ENISA – FORTH Summer School on Network & Information Security ENISA 06 Jul 2009 Security, Justice & Home Affairs
ENISA issues three recommendations in reports on technologies to improve resilience of communication networks ENISA 28 May 2009 Global Europe, InfoSociety, Justice & Home Affairs



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