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UNI GLOBAL UNION AND CIETT CORPORATE MEMBERS LAUNCH global dialogue on temporary agency work


12 Nov 2008


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UNI GLOBAL UNION AND CIETT CORPORATE MEMBERS LAUNCH global dialogue on temporary agency work


November 12th, 2008


UNI Global Union and CIETT Corporate Members[1] have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (see full text attached) to create partnership and a global social dialogue to achieve fair conditions for the temporary agency work industry and the 9 million a day temporary agency workers around the world.

The signatories recognise that the temporary agency work industry - with a global turnover of €228bn - contributes to improve the functioning of labour markets and aims at complementing other forms of employment.

Both parties support the establishment of an appropriate regulatory framework for the industry to promote decent forms of temporary agency work.


The agreement is global in scope with mutual commitments to:

Provide adequate protection, decent working and employment conditions for temporary agency workers and ensure proper conditions for the operation of temporary work agencies in a well functioning labour market;
Work with policy makers to establish an appropriate regulatory framework for the TAW industry; This includes the need to identify and review obstacles of a legal or administrative nature which may limit the opportunities for temporary agency work to operate, and, where appropriate, work with the national governments to eliminate them;
Promote global dialogue as the platform for negotiation of working conditions and use of temporary agency work;
Work with the International Labour Organisation to promote ratification of ILO Convention 181 and the application of Recommendation 188 on private employment agencies;
Respect the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining as guaranteed by the International Labour Organisation;
Cooperate with key stakeholders in steps to eliminate human trafficking.

“UNI will work with the private employment agencies to tackle a global jobs challenge that we now face following the financial crisis and with unemployment on the rise worldwide,” said Philip Jennings, UNI General Secretary. “We look forward to working with Ciett Corporate Members who are playing an increasingly influential role in global labour markets and welcome this commitment to decent work and high ethical standards. This global dialogue is a clear commitment to advance corporate social responsibility and to work with unions everywhere to bring fair labour standards.”


“The Memorandum of Understanding is a major step in establishing a global dialogue platform between the world’s largest private employment agencies and trade unions,” said Denis Pennel, Ciett Managing Director. “It recognises that temporary agency work contributes to improving the functioning of labour markets by implementing active labour market policies, facilitating transitions, improving life-work balance and helping fighting undeclared work. The partnership established through the agreement will help to promote quality standards within the industry, prevent unfair competition by fraudulent agencies and/or user companies and fight human trafficking.”


About Ciett

Founded in 1967, Ciett is the authoritative voice representing the interests of the private employment agency industry across the world, bringing together 40 national federations of agency work as well as six of the largest worldwide staffing companies (namely Adecco, Kelly Services, Manpower, Olympia Flexgroup AG, Randstad and USG People).

Through their network of 120,000 branches and their 700,000 permanent employees, Ciett members employ 9 million workers (full time equivalent) on a daily basis. Members of Ciett refuse to compete at the expense of workers’ rights and to work hand-in-hand with governments to fight illegal work and social dumping.


About UNI Global Union

UNI is the global union for skills and services. It’s the biggest grouping of individual trade unions in the world with more than 900 affiliated unions in 150 countries and 20 million affiliated members. UNI was launched in 2000 in recognition of the convergence of major service sectors in a globalising economy. UNI Global Union industries covered by the agreement: Agency Staff, Commerce, Electricity, Finance, Gaming, Hair & Beauty, Graphical, IT & Business Services, Media & Entertainment, Postal, Property Services, Social Insurance and Telecom.



Philip Jennings, UNI General Secretary,        +41 22 365 2138

Denis Pennel, Ciett Managing Director,         +32 2 421 1585



[1] Ciett Corporate members are comprised of Adecco, Kelly Services, Manpower, Olympia Flexgroup AG, Randstad and USG People