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FlavourDay effect all over Europe


12 Oct 2017


Agriculture & Food

12 October 2017

The video of the #Brussels_FlavourDay is now online, you can watch it here. After the success of this event, where more than one hundred participants including policy makers, customers, food and drink associations and flavour companies gathered together to know more about flavourings and their contribution to the future of food, other FlavourDays are flourishing around Europe.

The FlavourDay concept is making its way in many European capitals. Each event is different, reflecting the specificities of each national flavour association and its targets, but they all have one thing in common: the celebration of flavours.
Two months after the Brussels FlavourDay, London welcomed its FlavourDay. The UK Flavour Association (UKFA) marked its centenary with a glittering gala dinner as part of London FlavourDay at Church House in London on the 21st of September. Guests including leading flavour companies, Food & Drink Federation (FDF) representatives and a European delegation from the European Flavour Association (EFFA) gathered to reflect on a century of British flavour innovation and to look forward to what the future might hold for the industry.
Shortly after followed Copenhagen. On the 5th and 6th of October, the Danish Agriculture & Food Council (DAFC) and the Danish Flavour Organization (DFO) hosted the regulatory meetings of EFFA, and took the opportunity, under the #Copenhagen_FlavourDays title to introduce the European flavour experts to the flavours and trends of the Nordic cuisine.
Next month, on the 16th of November, the FlavourDay tour will stop in Paris. You can already have a look at the programme of the #Paris_FlavourDay on the SNIAA website, the French Flavour Association, who is organizing it. Customers, students and researchers will have the opportunity to learn more about composition, olfaction, labelling, and other flavour related topics with experts from the industry.
Beginning of next year, AREP, the Turkish National Association will celebrate, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, the #Istanbul_FlavourDay. And also our Italian and German members have expressed their interest in organizing their own FlavourDay. The flavour journey continues!
#Brussels_FlavourDay, an event to celebrate flavours and their role in the future of food was the kick-off event of this series of FlavourDays. It was organized by EFFA, together with AROMA (the Belgian Flavour Association) and IOFI (the International Organization of the Flavor Industry). You can watch now the video of the event, available in our
This video, which was just released, is an overview of everything that happened in the event: a trend watcher identifying the food and flavour trends of the future, and who prognosticated a revolution of taste in which we will “move away from sugar and go to tart, to bitter” which goes very much in line with one of the topics of the day, which was conscious diet and reduction of salt and sugar while still having a good taste.
The main outcome of the day was to have the possibility to talk about flavours, which is a little-known industry and their contribution to the whole food chain, which the attendees could explore in the different ateliers. This is a constant. All FlavourDays have a common objective: the possibility to talk about flavours, to better communicate their role and the solutions they provide and how they are a key aspect of the food culture.
The FlavourDay concept will be presented at the European Association Summit on the 8th of March 2018, by Jimena Gomez de la Flor, Communications Director of EFFA who led the creation and development of the concept: “We are very happy that the FlavourDay is moving and growing, we thank very much all the National Flavour Associations who are organizing an event under this umbrella logo and we encourage others to do so in order to keep communicating about the important role of flavourings and taste in our lives”.
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