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05 Sep 2013


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Brussels / Paris – 5 September 2013 | EurActiv launched an updated version of the website, merging with the Brussels-based promises to bring more EU news and policy debate content in French through closer cooperation with journalists in Brussels and other EU capitals. EurActiv has been integrating its Brussels, London & Berlin offices over the last 18 months to better serve its readers and clients.

Christophe Leclercq, Founder of EurActiv, said: “Today we’re upgrading Paris to our list of core offices. This also means that French views will feature higher in our English version as well. What matters to Paris, matters to Brussels, London and Berlin.”

Aline Robert, the Editor-in-Chief of EurActiv France said “ remains the leading French portal on EU policies providing all its contents for free. The novelty is that the contents we produce in Paris will be complemented with selected pieces from our colleagues in Brussels, Berlin and London, now also available in French.”

Alexis Poulin, the Director of EurActiv France, said: “French companies need to reach out to policymakers and stakeholders in multiple capitals and in multiple languages at the same time. Our integrated approach allows us to better coordinate our content and marketing strategies, while keeping the implementation and a strong connection with our readers at the local level”.

Frédéric Simon, Publisher of, said: “This is only the first step in EurActiv’s integration strategy that will lead to more content exchanges between our Paris and Brussels editorial teams. As Europe moves towards deeper integration, we are also working more closely with our Berlin team and provide better coverage of European debates taking place in Germany.”


Media contacts:

Alexis Poulin, Directeur, EurActiv France | +33 (0)6 29 11 38 10 |
Aline Robert, Rédactrice en chef, EurActiv France |  +33(0) 6 63 54 41 73 |

Dominique Ostyn, Senior Manager Communication & New Media | +32(0)2.788.36.88 |
Christophe Leclercq, Founder, EurActiv | +32(0) |

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