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Economic and Social Committee launch 2012 video challenge titled 'Europe Past Forward'


09 Jan 2012


Social Europe & Jobs

With the start of the New Year comes the start of the Committee's Video Challenge. Titled "Europe Past Forward", it is a competition to generate creative and colourful videos from Europe's young people.

At a time like this - when unemployment is rampant amongst the 18-24 year olds of Europe - and when budget cuts are forcing the closure of training and social support structures when it is needed most, reaching out to young people seems very appropriate. Of course, the austerity measures currently being discussed and implemented impact everyone else too, especially those at the other end of the age spectrum; another group that relies heavily on the kinds of welfare support that is now being cut back.

It is for these reasons that the Economic and Social Committee has chosen the title of Europe Past Forward. We are hoping to be able to engage with young and old to stimulate activity between them. The sheer weight of life experience of those that are now retired could and should prove valuable to young people willing to listen and learn.

The competition asks the simple question "What does Europe mean to you?" It is a deliberately open question to enable the kinds of diversity of culture, thought and contribution that we Europeans are so rightly proud of.

For obvious reasons of technical knowhow, we rather expect that most entries to the competition will be from younger people, but we would love to see the input of their elders.

Here at the Committee, we hope to see interesting and challenging entries. It is only by learning about the diverse issues and opportunities facing the continent that we can begin to help.

Please visit the link at the bottom of this post and if you can take part, please do! Also, feel free to send the link to anyone you feel might be interested in either sharing the page or submitting an entry. We would love to see their videos!

And if that doesn't motivate you to take part, there are cash prizes for the winners...

Happy New Year!

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