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PlasticsEurope is the only European trade association headquartered in Brussels with representatives across all European Union’s 27 member states. PlasticsEurope has developed close partnerships with sister associations that represent the European plastics manufacturing chain, which includes 50,000 converters and over 1,000 machinery manufacturers as well. PlasticsEurope is the official voice of the European plastics manufacturers.



Press Releases of this organisation

World Plastics Council Elects New Chairman; Lyondellbasell Executive James Seward Succeeds Sabic’s Abdulrahman Al-Fageeh PlasticsEurope 22 Jan 2018 Sustainable Dev., Climate & Environment
Plastics 2030 – Voluntary Commitment: PlasticsEurope publishes its Voluntary Commitment to increase circularity and resource efficiency PlasticsEurope 16 Jan 2018 Climate & Environment
The World Plastics Council Welcomes New UN Resolution on Marine Litter PlasticsEurope 06 Dec 2017 Sustainable Dev., Climate & Environment
PlasticsEurope presents Operation Clean Sweep® Report on pellet containment: The European Plastics industry reinforces its commitment to fight marine litter PlasticsEurope 04 Oct 2017 Climate & Environment
Ban Ki-moon, former Secretary General of the UN awards the 5 first winners of the 2017 European Youth Debating Competition (EYDC) PlasticsEurope 03 Oct 2017 InfoSociety, Science & Policymaking, Climate & Environment
Plastics Strategy: Innovation with Plastics for a Circular and Resource Efficient Europe PlasticsEurope 19 Sep 2017 Innovation & Enterprise, Sustainable Dev.
European Youth Debating Competition 2017: UK National Finals Winners selected after debating our future with or without petrochemistry and plastics PlasticsEurope 18 Jul 2017 Innovation & Enterprise, Education
PlasticsEurope Launches Industry Initiative to Drive Innovative Recycling Solutions for Polystyrene PlasticsEurope 29 Jun 2017 Innovation & Enterprise
Daniele Ferrari, CEO of Versalis, elected new President of PlasticsEurope PlasticsEurope 01 Jun 2017 Innovation & Enterprise, Sustainable Dev.
Europe’s youngsters to debate about the contribution of Petrochemistry and Plastics in the Digital Age PlasticsEurope 06 Apr 2017 Social Europe & Jobs, Sustainable Dev., Education
Circular Economy and Plastics: The European benchmark event for plastic waste recycling and recovery PlasticsEurope 14 Dec 2016 Sustainable Dev.
GLOBAL PLASTICS INDUSTRY EFFORT TO COMBAT MARINE LITTER GROWS IN 2016 PlasticsEurope 13 Dec 2016 Sustainable Dev., Climate & Environment
Reducing energy demand of buildings is key to reduce energy poverty PlasticsEurope 30 Nov 2016 Energy, Climate & Environment
Plastics Value Chain Creates a New European Stakeholder Platform to Drive Europe’s Polyolefins-based Packaging towards the Circular Economy PlasticsEurope 25 Oct 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Sustainable Dev.
PlasticsEurope creates a New Packaging Group to contribute to Europe’s Resource Efficient Circular Economy ambition PlasticsEurope 20 Oct 2016 Sustainable Dev.
Restrictions on single-use items will not solve the littering problem PlasticsEurope 13 Oct 2016 Sustainable Dev., Climate & Environment
National Winners from across Europe heading to final of the European Youth Debating Competition PlasticsEurope 21 Sep 2016 Science & Policymaking, Education
Plastics value chain agrees on common demands for the Circular Economy Package PlasticsEurope 20 Sep 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Sustainable Dev.
EPCA and PlasticsEurope join forces to promote STEM education - New debating competition for European youngsters launched PlasticsEurope 05 Apr 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Science & Policymaking, Education
A New Web Platform, a New Brand Identity for PlasticsEurope 23 Mar 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Sustainable Dev.
PolyTalk 2016: Towards Zero Plastics to the Oceans PlasticsEurope 17 Mar 2016 Sustainable Dev., Climate & Environment
Winners of the First European Plastics Innovation Awards announced PlasticsEurope 26 Jan 2016 Innovation & Enterprise, Climate & Environment
The European plastics industry debates Marine Litter Solutions - PolyTalk 2016: Zero Plastics to the Oceans PlasticsEurope 19 Jan 2016 Climate & Environment
Life Cycle Assessment & Product Environmental Footprint PlasticsEurope 02 Jun 2014 Energy, Science & Policymaking
Science Driving Consumer Protection: How Plastics Deliver, 20 - 21 October, Mövenpick Hotel Berlin, Germany PlasticsEurope 27 May 2014 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
Parliament’s vote on plastics bags leaves industry concerned PlasticsEurope 16 Apr 2014 Health & Consumers, Innovation & Enterprise, Climate & Environment
World Plastics Council’s Executive Committee Holds First Meeting, Establishes Membership Framework PlasticsEurope 19 Mar 2014 Climate & Environment
Statement re: RAC opinion on re-classification of BPA PlasticsEurope 19 Mar 2014 Science & Policymaking
A voice for the global plastics industry PlasticsEurope 23 Oct 2013 Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
PlasticsEurope welcomes the European Commission’s annual European Competitiveness Report PlasticsEurope 26 Sep 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Trade & Society



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