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Photonics: laser-engraved metal to reduce environmental impact Photonics21 02 Mar 2020 Innovation & Enterprise, Climate & Environment
Can Photonic Anthropometrics secure Digital Trust? Photonics21 02 Mar 2020 Innovation & Enterprise, Climate & Environment
3 Billion tons less CO2 with Photonics Photonics21 05 Mar 2020 Climate & Environment
Photonics: breast screening breakthrough to end unnecessary biopsies Photonics21 09 Mar 2020 InfoSociety
New strategy shows photonics key to Europe’s Industrial future Photonics21 13 Mar 2020 InfoSociety
New ‘saliva test’ to instantly detect coronavirus with lasers Photonics21 17 Apr 2020 InfoSociety
Photonics: Medical tools developed quicker thanks to new EU Pilot Line Photonics21 22 Jun 2020 Health & Consumers
Instant bladder cancer scan could save thousands of lives Photonics21 01 Jul 2020 Health & Consumers
Scientists use photonics to make wastewater eco-friendly Photonics21 29 Jul 2020 Climate & Environment
Photonics Digital Innovation Hub secures €19 million to boost SME growth and ensure Europe’s global competitiveness Photonics21 20 Oct 2020 InfoSociety
Nobel Laureates warn jobs, economic growth, and lifesaving healthcare at risk due to proposed EC science budget cuts Photonics21 29 Oct 2020 Health & Consumers
New laser system to create Grease-Repellent Metal Surfaces Photonics21 19 Jan 2021 Innovation & Enterprise
Photonics21: Brain damage in babies spotted early with new infrared scanner Photonics21 27 Apr 2021 Health & Consumers
European photonics industry growing at more than double global GDP rate, new analysis finds Photonics21 01 Jun 2021 Innovation & Enterprise
New imaging system to detect bowel cancer at the earliest stages using photonics Photonics21 24 Aug 2021 Health & Consumers
New European Academy to boost the skills and know-how of industry in exploiting opportunities in the €615B global photonics sector Photonics21 01 Sep 2021 Innovation & Enterprise
New sensor uses photonics to spot killer fruit & veg Photonics21 30 Sep 2021 Agriculture & Food
New microscope uses photonics to gain insights into ‘superbugs’ Photonics21 24 Nov 2021 Science & Policymaking
New technique to convert greenhouse gases into clean energy using photonics Photonics21 18 Jan 2022 Energy
Invitation: Photonics Partnership Annual Meeting 2023 in Brussels Photonics21 06 Apr 2023