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PlasticsEurope welcomes the European Commission’s annual European Competitiveness Report


26 Sep 2013


EU Priorities 2020
Trade & Society

BRUSSELS, (25 September 2013): PlasticsEurope, the trade association representing European plastics manufacturers, welcomes the publication today of the 16th edition of the European Competitiveness Report, which addresses some pressing policy questions regarding industrial recovery and sustainable competitiveness in the EU.
Reacting to the report, PlasticsEurope supports the call for manufacturing to be placed at the heart of Europe’s industrial policy, in line with the European Commission’s goal to boost its share of European GDP by 20% by 2020. The European Plastics Industry is a significant contributor to the European economy. It is also an important building block for innovation, enabling the delivery of each of the six European priority areas identified by the EU’s Industrial Policy Flagship Initiative: "A stronger European Industry for growth and economic recovery".
“The report and scoreboard are useful tools to help us gauge the health of European industrial competitiveness. While the EU has undergone a process of de-industrialisation in the past decade which has intensified during the economic crisis, the EU cannot afford to lose sight of the significant value added generated by production sectors which remain key drivers for innovation and growth in Europe”, said Dr Wilfried Haensel, Executive Director of PlasticsEurope.
The plastics supply chain as a whole is a strong contributor to manufacturing growth in Europe – a fact confirmed by the findings of a recent study by European House – Ambrosetti. This year, the institute undertook a meta-analysis of Eurostat data which demonstrates that plastics are one of the industrial sectors providing the greatest contribution to manufacturing. According to the findings of the study, the plastics industry has a multiplier effect of 2.4. For example, with an increase of 15 bn euros in the plastics industry turn over, it is estimated that the EU GDP will increase with 36 bn euros.

A strong industrial base is key to Europe’s economic growth and prosperity. For this to happen, we need to focus on securing access to competitive energy and raw materials in Europe, added Dr. Wilfried Haensel.

[1]European House - Ambrosetti re-elaboration of Eurostat data (2013)