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WHO is the United Nations specialized agency for health. The WHO European Region covers 53 Member States. All 27 EU members are among them, as well the groups of the accession/potential candidate countries, those covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy and the Central Asian Republics. The WHO Regional Office for Europe is based in Copenhagen. The Brussels office is its official representation to the EU, with a function of liaising with all relevant EU stakeholders and keeping WHO/Europe in the centre of the European health debate, with an equally high interest in the policies being developed and implemented in the health and non-health sectors.

Press Releases of this organisation

WHO Rome office closes at the end of 2011 - Work on environment and health continues from other European locations WHO 20 Dec 2011 Health & Consumers
Local production to improve access to medicines, vaccines and diagnostics WHO 07 Dec 2011 Health & Consumers
HIV cases continue to rise in Europe: WHO European Region launches new action plan to bring the epidemic under control WHO 30 Nov 2011 Health & Consumers
Antibiotic resistance: what is not measured, is not done. Surveillance to be strengthened throughout Europe WHO 17 Nov 2011 Health & Consumers
No tobacco at EURO 2012 WHO 21 Oct 2011 Health & Consumers
Deaths of 30 000 women can be prevented – WHO/Europe calls for more action on cervical cancer WHO 19 Oct 2011 Health & Consumers
Inadequate housing causes more than 100 000 annual deaths in Europe: New evidence from WHO/Europe WHO 22 Jun 2011 Health & Consumers
New WHO/Europe report: an estimated 10 000 old people physically abused every day WHO 16 Jun 2011 Health & Consumers
Tobacco-control legislation: already saving lives WHO 01 Jun 2011 Health & Consumers
Road safety saves lives and money WHO 31 May 2011 Transport
What works in tobacco control? WHO 31 May 2011 Health & Consumers
Fact sheet on smoke free legislation - WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Article 8 WHO 31 May 2011 Health & Consumers
Road safety saves lives and money WHO presents a new health economic assessment tool for transport on the launch in Europe of the Decade of Action for Road Safety WHO 24 May 2011 Health & Consumers
Vaccines and immunization WHO 22 Apr 2011 Health & Consumers
World Health Day 2011 WHO 07 Apr 2011 Health & Consumers, EU Priorities 2020
World Health Day 2011 - Information for farmers, veterinarians and veterinary or food safety authorities WHO 07 Apr 2011 Health & Consumers, Agriculture & Food
World Health Day 2011 - Information for health professionals WHO 07 Apr 2011 Health & Consumers
World Health Day 2011 - Information for policy-makers WHO 07 Apr 2011 Health & Consumers, EU Priorities 2020, Public Affairs
World Health Day 2011 - Information for the pharmaceutical industry WHO 07 Apr 2011 Health & Consumers
World Health Day 2011 – Antibiotic resistance: No action today, no cure tomorrow WHO 07 Apr 2011 Health & Consumers
Traffic noise health impacts second only to air pollution, new WHO report says WHO 31 Mar 2011 Health & Consumers
WHO and the European Commission agree future common action in key areas WHO 25 Mar 2011 Health & Consumers
Extreme weather events threaten safe drinking-water and sanitation New guidance on countermeasures presented on World Water Day WHO 22 Mar 2011 Health & Consumers
Drug-resistant tuberculosis continues to spread: new report. Concern about childhood tuberculosis. WHO 18 Mar 2011 Health & Consumers
European Member States plan for health in 2020 WHO 10 Mar 2011 Health & Consumers
World Cancer Day – WHO stresses importance of physical activity for cancer prevention WHO 04 Feb 2011 Health & Consumers, Innovation & Enterprise
WHO and European Commission adopt joint declaration WHO 14 Sep 2010 Health & Consumers
WHO Regional Committee for Europe to convene in Moscow, Russian Federation Press release issued by the WHO Regional Office for Europe WHO 10 Sep 2010 Health & Consumers
World No Tobacco Day - May 31, 2010: Women are huge potential market for the tobacco industry WHO 28 May 2010 Health & Consumers
European governments adopt comprehensive plan to reduce environmental risks to health by 2020 WHO 12 Mar 2010 Health & Consumers



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