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International Council of The Patient Ombudsman ©

Company Description

Patient Ombudsman is a Worldwide reference network for Health Diplomacy

The global professional organization is unique and recognized as the leading authority for healthcare counseling and advocacy, representing “Patients at the center of Healthcare, Research, and Development”

We are independent and fundamental in delivering quality and safety in medical care for patients and champion for justice in European health networks and worldwide partnerships.

We act as a policy institute that creates advantages and performs research and advocacy concerning health politics.

The research center seeks to play a key role in making and influencing global, regional, and national policy.

We publish articles, studies, draft legislation, and problem solution on healthcare. This information supports governments, businesses, the public sector, autonomous bodies, international agencies, media organizations, academic institutions, social movements, or other interest groups.

We share a common vision to improve education in respective sectors, as well as being sources of new ideas and research.

We provide expertise and generate policy research with Problem analysis, strategy formation, implementation, risk management, and forensic investigation!