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The ENVI vote on cap is a sensible approach to land use but the focus should remain on the intended greenhouse gas benefits. Europia 19 Jul 2013 Climate & Environment, Sustainable Dev.
Member States, Commission, MEPs and Industry held the first meeting of the Forum for EU Refining and discussed the situation of the EU refining industry, including both non EU competitive pressures and the impact of EU legislation. Europia 17 Apr 2013 Energy, Trade & Society
The first meeting of the “Forum for EU Refining” organised by the Commission will take place on Friday 12 April 2013. Europia 11 Apr 2013 EU Priorities 2020, Innovation & Enterprise, Trade & Society
EUROPIA welcomes the decision by Commissioner Oettinger to set up a permanent forum for EU refining at the beginning of 2013 and the implication of this forum in the proposed fitness check of the sector. Europia 28 Nov 2012 Energy, Trade & Society
Commissioner Oettinger will host on 26 November 2012 a conference on “the future of EU refining: safeguarding competitiveness" Europia 23 Nov 2012 Trade & Society, Energy
Jean-Pierre Debruxelles joins EUROPIA as Executive Officer in charge of Air Quality and refining issues. Europia 04 Sep 2012 Energy
EUROPIA “Contribution to EU energy pathways to 2050” shows that oil will still be an important share of energy supply in the planned “low carbon” EU by 2050 Europia 20 Sep 2011 Energy, Climate & Environment
EUROPIA White Paper on Fuelling EU Transport has been published Europia 22 Apr 2011 Energy
Dr. Josef Waltl appointed President of EUROPIA Europia 14 Jun 2010 Energy
Save More Than Fuel”: European petroleum industry partners with the European Commission in pan-European consumer campaign Europia 27 May 2008 Climate & Environment, Sustainable Dev.


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