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Women suffering from male negligence


24 Feb 2010


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Brussels 24-02-2010

The economic crisis is affecting women more than men. This was the message from a public hearing hosted today by the GUE/NGL group and Women's Rights and Gender Equality Committee Chair, Swedish MEP Eva-Britt Svensson.

"Women are now bearing the brunt of neoliberal policies and the careless mishandling of the banking and financial sector by men" Svensson said opening the seminar. "At the same time all the taxpayer-funded aid measures are going to the male-dominated sectors, such as the car industry."

"The crisis is hitting poor and marginalized communities hard and the cuts are being levelled at the public sector, in healthcare and education, where many women work. More women are unemployed, have no social safety net and are often dependent on their partner."


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