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Will the new Italian gas exchange solve the problems of the Italian gas market?


10 Nov 2010



The European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) recently published the new position
paper: EFET recommendations for the development of the Italian Gas Exchange.

The main purpose of this paper, drafted by the EFET Task Force Italy, consists in
highlighting the features that the new Italian gas exchange should ideally have in order
to incentivize the participation of European energy traders and hence be of real benefit
to all market players.

“We welcome the introduction of a gas exchange in Italy, as this shall incentivize
harmonization and integration with the other European markets” states the EFET Italy
manager Ilaria Conti. “However, there are some key pre-requisites to be met before we
can start talking of a well-functioning Italian gas market”.

The introductory part of the paper, in fact, highlights that "the main issues which have
slowed the development of the gas wholesale market in Italy are related to the balancing regime, the storage capacity allocation method and constraints on its use3, as well as regulatory barriers”.

“Each problem needs to be dealt with in detail” said the EFET Gas Committee Chairman Colin Lyle, “and the implementation of changes to comply with the 3rd Internal Energy Market package by March 2011 is an important opportunity to align these issues with market integration at European level”.

For further information, please contact:
Ilaria Conti, EFET Italy Manager, Tel: +32 485 613 773

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