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The Week Ahead 18-21 January 2010Hearings of the Commissioners-designate


19 Jan 2010


EU Priorities 2020

ALDE will be paying particular attention to the final assessments of the Commissioners hearings on Monday and Tuesday before the European Parliament's group leaders conclude their collective response to the new Commissioners-designate.

Tuesday 19 JanuaryThe situation in Iran The European Parliament will hear a declaration from the EU's foreign affairs High Representative on the worrying situation in Iran. Stability in this country is of the utmost importance, given its influence in the region. Fundamental human rights must be respected and upheld though before any meaningful dialogue can begin.

Marietje Schaake

tel: 33 3 88 17 56 17

The siduation in Yemen Baroness Ashton will also take questions on the situation in Yemen. The country is deteriorating rapidly and the current socio-economic, political and security situation offers terrorists organisations in the area a safe haven. The long standing presence of al-Qaeda is of particular concern. ALDE will be hoping for assurances from the High Representative that she will implement a coordinated and comprehensive EU approach after the establishment of the European External Action Service.

Holger Krahmer

tel: 33 3 88 17 53 44

Human Trafficking The victims of human trafficking will be highlighted this week when MEPs will table an oral question on this subject. ALDE has tried many times in the past to raise awareness of this severe violation of fundamental rights. Children are particularly vulnerable and the current financial and economic crisis is strengthening the trafficking and exploiting the need of the victims to escape poverty. This multi-million euro business results in the trafficking of several hundred thousand people into the EU area every year.

Jeaninie Hennis Plasschaert

tel: 33 3 88 17 58 17

EU-South Korea trade agreement ALDE will table a question on the Free Trade Agreement with South Korea. ALDE will look for assurances from the Commission regarding the tariff reduction and pushing for impact assessments on the consequences of granting duty drawback on the individual sectors in particular the car industry. The Commission must address the issue of these concessions (especially relating to duty drawback and rules of origin) potentially becoming a precedent in future bilateral trade agreements.

Michael Theurer

tel: 33 3 88 17 55 72

Wednesday 20 January Spanish Presidency Parliament will be expecting the Spanish Presidency to outline its priorities for the next six months and in particular how it plans to work under the new framework of the Lisbon treaty and in conjunction with the permanent President of the Council, Mr van Rompuy. Main themes for attention will be Europe's 2020 agenda, implementing the Stockholm programme for justice and home affairs and following up on the Copenhagen conference on climate change..

Guy Verhofstadt

tel: 33 3 88 17 55 66

SWIFT Following the failure of the Swedish Prime Minister to respond to a letter from the European Parliament's group leaders in December in which two conditions were place on Parliaments approval of the recently negotiated interim Swift agreement, the European Parliament is now asking for a Council statement. If there is no satisfactory response forthcoming, the European Parliament is likely to reject the Swift agreement.

Sophie in'tveld

tel: 33 3 88 17 57 96

Copenhagen Summit The European Parliament will be making its assessments of the disappointing outcome of the Copenhagen conference. ALDE members in particular will be seeking ways to extract the necessary concrete commitments in 2010 that will limit global warming in the future.

Corinne Lepage

tel: 33 3 88 17 55 87

Thursday 21 JanuaryHaiti The European Parliament will be expecting a strong commitment from the European Commission to bring humanitarian relief to the people of Haiti following the devastating earthquake.

Charles Goerens

tel: 33 3 88 17 56 12

PRESS CONFERENCE: Tuesday 19 Jan at 10h40: Guy Verhofstadt on the Week Ahead


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