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“We must choose between a Europe of walls, and a humanist Europe”, says Iratxe García


16 Feb 2023


Global Europe

“We must choose between a Europe of walls, and a humanist Europe”, says Iratxe García

Today, the European Parliament has held a plenary debate on the conclusions of last week’s European Council, and the proposal on the table for the EU to finance walls, wires and other infrastructures on the EU’s external borders.

The Socialists and Democrats demand that the EU not cross that red line, and that the conservatives in Europe live up to EU values and international law enshrining the right to demand asylum.

During the plenary debate, S&D leader, Iratxe García, said:

“Migration, as old as humanity, is one our the biggest challenges. We will never forget the arrival of the million Syrians, who fled death in 2015, nor the four million Ukrainians we have welcomed because of Putin's war, nor the many immigrants who day after day risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean, the Balkans and the Atlantic.

“We need to protect our borders. But, as long as forgotten wars, exploitation of the poor and natural catastrophes are a reality, walls can never be built high enough to stop the weakest.

“At a time when the negotiation of the New Pact on Migration and Asylum is facing its decisive hour, we must choose in which Europe we want to live: in a Europe of walls defended by Mr Weber and the extreme right, or in the humanist Europe which does not close its eyes to the loss of human life at our gates.

“There are no easy answers. Walls will not improve our coexistence, but the union of our forces to manage the arrival of migrants according to the possibilities of each member state and respect for the law.

“I reach out to the soul of the EPP, to those willing to welcome, protect and integrate. Walls and nationalism pushed us to devastating consequences in the past. Let's not fear those who are different. Let us make Europe a land of peace, progress and opportunities.”