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We are all ONE in the sky group issues open letter on U-Space regulation


25 Jan 2021



25 January, 2021 (Brussels). EBAA, along with members of Europe's leading aviation associations have today released an open letter addressed to the European Commission and Member States, supporting the upcoming U-space regulation while offering their assistance to jointly address those aspects needing further research and clarification.

The open letter addresses the High-level regulatory framework for unmanned aviation operations and UAS traffic management, also known as U-Space. The group appreciates that this regulatory initiative is an important first step in establishing a performance-based and risk-based regulatory framework. However, the organisations feel that the current version contains some areas that must be further analysed before the regulation goes into effect.

Specifically, the group raised:

  • The concept of dynamic airspace reconfiguration between manned and unmanned traffic should be further researched, to avoid adding to the ever-increasing number of airspace infringements and cause disruptions to the current airspace users’ operations.
  • The “Common Information Service” should be defined as the single information exchange platform for all concerned stakeholders.
  • The current infrastructure concerns in terms of providing adequate Traffic Information Services (TIS) at low altitudes should be addressed.
  •  There is a need for further delimitation in the responsibilities and liabilities to be borne by each service provider.
  • An open impact and cost assessment for each involved party should be provided and discussed.

The group believes that further cooperation between the manned and unmanned sectors is needed prior to the delivery of a final U-Space regulation, to ensure a safe, smooth, fair and efficient integration of all airspace users’ needs into a future ecosystem.



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