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Verhofstadt: EU leaders must listen to their citizens' wishes for closer fiscal union


23 May 2012


Euro & Finance

"EU leaders have for too long turned a deaf ear to our proposals on how to solve the crisis but by doing so they don't listen to their own citizens" said ALDE group President Guy Verhofstadt ahead of today's informal European Council by referring to the recently published Eurobarometer survey on 'The crisis and the economic governance in Europe'.

"EU leaders cannot ignore that the majority of people in the 27 Member States believe that their country should act to reduce public spending while boosting the economy. This is the two track approach we have constantly called for. Fiscal consolidation will only be sustainable if accompanied by a European growth package", stressed Guy Verhofstadt. 

Moreover, continued Verhofstadt: "Member States cannot disregard that their citizens feel more protected by measures when adopted in a coordinated way at EU level ". According to the latest Eurobarometer's figures over 50% of Europeans favour Member States' coordination. "The establishment of a real Economic and Fiscal Union would be the natural translation of this feeling into concrete actions".

"With 47 % of the people supporting a two-track approach combining fiscal consolidation with growth measures, European leaders should not hesitate any longer".

"The Eurobarometer also clearly demonstrates that our citizens are well aware of the importance of eurobond with survey results demonstrating an increase in people's awareness and support. Today, 66 % are in favour of their creation, the very solution the ALDE Group has been promoting for over 2 years.  Clearly, Member States must also stop ignoring the large support that exists for Eurobonds".

"If it is true that EU leaders decide in the best interest of their citizens, then it is also time that they start listening to them", Verhofstadt concluded. 

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