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As the US triggers a trade war, the EU has to protect its workers and the rule of law


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The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament today strongly condemned President Trump’s decision to impose heavy tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium, including from the EU.
The EU has to react strongly and remain united to protect its workers and businesses and defend the role of law. Reckless protectionism and nationalism will only isolate and hurt the US.
S&D Group spokesperson for trade, Alessia Mosca, said:
“The EU has to be clear: the United States need to play by the rules. Duties on steel and aluminium are not only triggering a trade war: they will cost Trump’s administration a loss of American jobs. 
"Today, more than ever, we stand together to defend the role of the WTO: global issues require global solutions. 
"It’s not the first time the EU faces this threat. Bush did the same in 2002 before changing his mind under the pressure of his own citizens. 
“We should now focus on providing safeguard measures to our workers and businesses to protect them from the threat of lower exports and increased imports as a result of trade diversion.”
S&D Group spokesperson for EU-USA trade relationships and chair of the European parliament’s trade committee, Bernd Lange, added:
“President Trump is trying to impose the rule of the powerful, instead of championing the rule of law. The US measures are protectionism in disguise, clearly the national security argument is not taken seriously by anyone, least of all the US administration. The EU will react proportionately and will continue to engage in a dialogue with the US. It is not too late for the Trump administration to lessen the negative impact of their own actions.”


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