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“United European Citizens for Ukraine”


23 Mar 2022


Global Europe

We are currently in the middle of an unprecedented crisis in Europe. The invasion of Ukraine has redefined the parameters of what we imagined to be possible.

What we have seen is a tidal wave of support for Ukraine by different societal actors. Citizens in cities across Europe have organised large protests with big numbers of attendees, showing the readiness of citizens to react to the crisis. Civil Society has also taken an active role in the response. We are seeing EU leaders take decisions that a year ago no one could have imagined.

However, this crisis is of Europe, not individual actors in Europe. Elected leaders, civil society and citizens need to come together to work in unity for and with Ukraine. The future implications of the crisis are for Europe and Ukraine jointly, especially when taking into consideration Ukraine’s applications to be an EU Member State.

Under these circumstances, we need a Europe that is united, resilient and agile, to support the present crisis, and to take strategic decisions that will shape our common future and result in overcoming the war.

To realize this vision of a united Europe in times of crisis, we are organising an event “United European Citizens for Ukraine”. The event will bring together citizens, civil society, Members of the European Parliament and Ukrainian representatives for horizontal information sharing and discussion.

When & Where?

29th of March 12.30-14.30, StamEuropa, 104 Rue d’Arlon & online

Part 1: Opening Panel by Marta Barandiy (Promote Ukraine) & Olena Carbou (Ukrainian Think Tanks Liason Office in Brussels)

Part 2: Speeches by MEPs

Part 3: Speech by Ophélie Masson (Citizens Take Over Europe & European Alternatives) based on conversations with Polish volunteers and human rights organisations in Poland

Part 4: Opening the floor to open discussion

Registration: 7


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