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Ukrainian Foundation for Democracy “People First” starts its cooperation with “EurActiv”


01 Sep 2011


Europe's East

Ukrainian Foundation for Democracy “People First” starts its cooperation with “EurActiv” beginning with September, 2011.

We are opening an additional unprejudiced channel of information for the European audience concerning Ukraine, its internal development, the level of democratization, the process of approaching the European standards, analysis of economy sectors and foreign and security policy. We won't omit reviews of social and humanitarian problems and aspirations of ordinary citizens of Ukraine.

We will try to objectively comment on the situation in the neighboring countries, like Russia and Belarus, in the first place, and their influence upon the events in Ukraine and other states. 

For this to be done we will provide viewpoints of different political parties, state and non-governmental structures, experts and journalists. We hope that exactly the cooperation with “EurActiv” will allow to organize discussion platforms where together with you we are going to present public opinion and form proposals for citizens and politicians regarding efficient models of the future relations between the EU and Ukraine.      

We hope to set a dialogue, receive thoughts and proposals on the part of European intellectuals, officials, the third sector representatives, expert community and simple EU citizens regarding the vision and perception of Ukraine in the European Union, expectations concerning the further actions of the Ukrainian state, and deliver these thoughts, ideas and proposals to the Ukrainian community and government.  

We are going to act and hope that our voice and proposals will be heard by the Ukrainian government and opposition. We hope that we will be able to deserve respect and support of the European media, think-tanks and analytical institutions in this process.  

The “People First” Foundation  is a public organization whose goal is to build democracy in Ukraine by means of a dialogue, active communication and monitoring of processes aimed at development of democracy in the interests of people. 

The Foundation is a non-political democratic organization established with the aim of promoting development of democracy and democratic standards in Ukraine.

The Foundation is financed by private non-political funds and citizens' contributions.

Our position consists in realizing a turn on the path of political and social development of Ukraine to the original democratic principles of equality, freedom and justice. 

We don't have an aim of gaining power. We aspire Ukrainian people to gain power by means of a deep comprehension of democracy principles and their own role in democratic processes. This comprehension will provide Ukrainian people with  strength for the creation of a fair society on the basis of transparency, the rule of law and equality of opportunities, i.e., a society which protects the weak and underprivileged; a progressive society which supports the highest standards of education and up-bringing of future generations; highly estimates the progress of science, technologies and industry; a society which plays an active role in the commonwealth of nations and peoples.         

Our mission is in restoring dignity of Ukrainian people; in forming a worthy place for Ukraine in the family of European nations. We see our task in building infrastructure necessary for development of democratic governance in the state which must be practised in the national interests and in the interests of all citizens, and also democratic institutions where the will of the majority and rights of the minority prevail. We are going to present a seriously argumented complex of proposals on all practical aspects of the functioning of the democratic order and government for the  consideration of community and hope for a productive dialogue. On the basis of thoughts and proposals heard from our citizens we are going to compose the “People's Charter”, which we'll submit for discussion of representatives of governmental structures of all levels, in order to achieve consensus regarding perspectives and directions of the further development of the country. We hope that our experience in Ukraine could be used also in other EU states for improving a dialogue between the government and the society.  

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