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UK Supreme Court's Ruling Will Harm Rideshare Consumers


19 Feb 2021



London, UK –  Today, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom handed down a decision affirming a lower court's ruling that independent workers that use ridesharing apps such as Uber or Bolt are to be classified as employees.

Yaël Ossowski, deputy director of the global consumer advocacy group Consumer Choice Center, responds: "The decision made today at the Supreme Court will have direct harm on the millions of riders and consumers who currently use ridesharing apps, not to mention the drivers who have voluntarily signed up on these apps to supplement their income."

“Changing the classification of independent workers to the whim of taxi monopolies deprives millions of people of the opportunity of using alternative services, and has serious repercussions for those who rely on these services both as customers and as workers.

"This ruling sends the signal that rideshare companies are not welcome in the UK. But that’s not what consumers want,” said Ossowski.

“London ranked 37th out of 50 cities in the Consumer Choice Center Sharing Economy Index, demonstrating that innovations in the sharing economy are faring poorly in the city specifically, and consumers across the country are being deprived of more choice as a result.

“The flexible model that has so far propelled the growth of companies like Uber, Lyft, and others has been beneficial for both drivers who want independence and consumers who want convenience and competitive prices.

“Those who sought this policy may have the noblest of intentions, but forcing rideshare companies to become taxi companies does nothing but help the taxi cartel maintain its monopoly and deprive people of earning a living on their own terms.

"It is unfortunate that millions of Britons will now be deprived of more choice when it comes to mobility," said Ossowski.