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UITP EU Committee Position on the ERA Draft Final Report


30 Apr 2009



IU-ExtScope-20090320-FinalReport dated 20th March 2009
on the Extension of field of application of TSIs

The UITP European Union Committee, which brings together urban, suburban and regional public transport undertakings in the European Union has read with great interest the draft Final report dealing with the Extension of field of application of the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSIs) dated 20th March 2009.

With the letter sent to DG TREN on 19th January 2009, the UITP EU-Committee (together with the other sector organisations) has expressed its concern about this report: an approach in which only ERA and NSAs are involved in the drafting is unacceptable. In the end it is the rail sector that will be impacted and therefore the representative organisations of all market stakeholders have to be consulted before the finalisation of the document.

In the following position, the UITP EU-Committee identifies a number of issues which require
a clarification or some additions in the draft.

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