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UEG Presidential statement on the situation in Ukraine


01 Mar 2022


Global Europe

It is with a heavy heart and the utmost concern that we at United European Gastroenterology (UEG) continue to learn about the war in Ukraine. As a non-profit organisation focused on improving the prevention and care of digestive diseases in Europe, we stand firmly against war as well as violence in any form and truly hope for a peaceful resolution as soon as possible, to minimise the amount of pain and hardship for all people.

We wish for all organisations and agencies involved in providing humanitarian support in the region to obtain both the resources and support needed to best respond to the ongoing crisis. It is our strongest hope as a healthcare organisation that no individuals be prevented from delivering the medical or humanitarian assistance that many are currently in need of.

UEG has now donated to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and implores that you please also consider contributing. Its areas of support include emergency assistance such as food, water, and other essential items. The ICRC also supports hospitals and primary healthcare facilities with medical equipment and emergency preparedness. It repairs water stations and support households to rehabilitate their damaged homes and helps families separated by the conflict reconnect.

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UEG is also wholly dedicated to supporting gastroenterological work forces being affected by the ongoing situation. Our purpose is firmly rooted in equality, collaboration, and the sharing of medical expertise for the pursuit of a brighter, healthier tomorrow. 
We go forward with hopes for an outcome that is both swift and peaceful. Our deepest sympathy goes out to those who are affected, to Ukraine, its citizens, and especially our Ukrainian members and colleagues. For the protection of civilians, we urgently call for peace to prevent further destruction and harm.

Helena Cortez-Pinto
UEG President
On behalf of the UEG Council