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TRANSPark: The trucking industry’s online one-stop-shop


28 Sep 2009



IRU-ITF’s TRANSPark, an inclusive web-based platform, offers online services free of charge to truck drivers, transport managers and logistics planners to optimise their operations.

Geneva – The International Road Transport Union (IRU) and the International Transport Forum (ITF) are pleased to announce the launch of TRANSPark, a web-based platform providing a full range of services to all actors involved in goods transport by road.

TRANSPark enables truck drivers, logistics planners, transport managers and others involved in road transport operations to search, locate, select and contact truck parking areas in over 40 countries, - from Portugal to Kazakhstan. Accessible free of charge on the IRU and ITF websites, TRANSPark is also available in PDA format for easy use from the truck cabin.

TRANSPark users can search for truck parking areas by country, around a location within a 100¬-km radius, or along their planned routes. All facilities available at the selected parking area are listed (security features, truck repair, vehicle wash, hotel, restaurant, etc.), and can be used as parking search criteria. Full contact details and location maps are also provided.

Over 3000 truck parking areas are currently listed in TRANSPark, some 1800 of which are GEO-identified. This figure is expected to grow continuously, as additional data is supplied by drivers and parking managers and verified by national authorities and IRU national member associations to ensure data accuracy.

Other IRU services offered free of charge on TRANSPark help road transport professionals comply with different countries’ legislations and further road safety and security while saving time and no cost. They include:

- route planner;
- fuel prices in 40 countries;
- border waiting times;
- flash information on traffic restrictions, road works and blockades;
- IRU security guidelines and driver checklists;
- weather conditions at local, national and global level;
- currency converter;
- legal advice and support.

Under the current circumstances of economic crisis, fierce competition and highly regulated operating environment, TRANSPark offers significant competitive advantages to all its users.

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