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Thanks to the ITRE committee, a sustainable and energy efficient future is still imaginable


29 Feb 2012



The European Building Automation and Controls Association (eu.bac) welcomes the result of today’s vote by the Committee on Industry, External Trade, Research and Energy (ITRE) of the European Parliament concerning the Proposal for a Directive on Energy Efficiency (COM(2011) 370 final).

eu.bac believes that the result of the vote will not only lead to raised energy efficiency and to a decrease in energy dependency across the European Union (EU), but also, more importantly – not the least in the current difficult economic and financial times – represents a great opportunity for growth and jobs creation in all of the EU’s corners.

It is with great pleasure that eu.bac notes that the Members of the European Parliament have taken into account the key elements raised by eu.bac during the debate leading up to today’s vote, namely:

1. A longer-term approach towards the renovation of public, non-residential and residential buildings

2. A harmonised set of policies to make buildings smart-grid ready

3. The restoration of the energy service company (ESCO) definition

4. A cost-effective approach towards the renovation of public buildings

5. A stronger recognition of the need to combine audits and energy management schemes

However, eu.bac regrets that a clearer definition of Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) was not supported.

It is now of great importance that the European Parliament remains strong in the upcoming negotiations with the Council of the European. Otherwise, all that has so far been achieved might be lost” concluded Frédéric Melchior (eu.bac Director Governmental Relations)

About eu.bac

eu.bac is the European Building Automation and Controls Association. It represents some 95% of the European manufacturers of products for home and building automation. For a full and updated overview of our membership, please see

More importantly, eu.bac members’ products and services manage over half of the energy demand in the European Union, reducing waste, reducing demand and increasing efficiency. By providing distributed intelligence, eu.bac members’ products and services ensure that the built environment is ready and able to respond to smart grid signals, demands and supplies.

eu.bac, has developed its own robust certification scheme, eu.bac CERT, which assures that technologies (products and systems) in the area of building automation and controls are in conformity with European Directives and with European Standards. The eu.bac CERT mark is the symbol that represents energy efficiency, quality and reliability.

Frédéric Melchior (Director Governmental Relations)

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