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TÜSİAD published its “Intellectual Property Rights Dictionary”


15 Oct 2010


Languages & Culture

15 October 2010

As a result of the developments in culture, art, science, industry and technology, the terms and concepts - used to describe the intellectual works with discrete features - became either outnumber or inaccurate. In other words, the different intellectual property terms and concepts led to problems both in legal regulations and in daily language. On the other hand, as the intellectual works became more and more universal, the need to take action at the international level had also increased and agreements such as Berne Convention, Paris Convention, Rome Convention and WIPO Copyright Treaty. These international treaties have been translated to Turkish since then, but the translation mistakes of the terms in the international treaties have also led to outnumber or inaccurate terms. 

In order to overcome these problems and provide a reference point in IPR, TUSIAD prepared Intellectual Property Rights Dictionary. The Dictionary was presented to public in June 2010 with a conference co chaired by TÜSİAD President Ümit Boyner and TÜSİAD Intellectual Property Rights Working Group President Murat Peksavaş.

 The Dictionary aims to align these terms and concepts regarding the intellectual property rights with different languages such as English, French and German. During the preparation of this dictionary, all the terms and concepts of the current laws and regulations have been analyzed and indexed. The dictionary covers 1000 terms and their explanations, from Turkish to English, French and German and consists of 8 different sections, ie. introduction, intellectual property rights general terms, works, inventions (patents, utility model, topography of integrated circuits), designs, marks, geographical indications and domain names. The terms are listed alphabetically in Turkish with their explanations. At the end of each section, they are indexed in Turkish, English, French and German for the ease of use. International agreements are separately listed in the introductory section with the date of signature, amendment dates and membership position of Turkey.

You may contact Burcu Orhan (Email:, Tel: 0212 249 19 29)  if you would like to purchase a copy of the Dictionary.