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Support to cogeneration rewarded at annual awards dinner


07 Jun 2010



7 June 2010

Annual cogeneration awards underline increased confidence of the sector

The cogeneration sector reinforced the huge diversity and confidence of the sector in its Annual Recognition Awards in Brussels on 1 June where both one of the giant and one of the miniature triumphs of the sector were celebrated. COGEN Europe gathered the leaders of the industry in Brussels on the eve of its Annual Conference to recognise those who have contributed most to cogeneration.

The 2010 awards list showed the true flexibility and diversity of cogeneration as an energy efficiency technology. A giant oil refinery application award given to ExxonMobil for its Antwerp refinery, followed an award for the sector’s newest and most dynamic micro CHP technology for homes, given to GasTerra of the Netherlands.

The Technology and Innovation Award 2010 was presented to ExxonMobil. Ian Carr, Antwerp refinery manager: "ExxonMobil is proud to receive the 2010 COGEN Europe Technology and Innovation Award. It underscores our commitment to energy efficient technology. ExxonMobil utilised unique design and construction practices on the 130 MW cogeneration unit at ExxonMobil's Antwerp refinery. This investment is just one example of the innovative ways in which ExxonMobil is improving energy efficiency across all its operations. In total, ExxonMobil has interests in about 4,900 MW of cogeneration capacity in over 100 individual installations at more than 30 locations around the world. This is enough capacity to supply the electricity needs of more than 2 million homes.”

Giving the first award for micro CHP, COGEN Europe recognised the huge advances made by this sector. The winner was GasTerra, a company trading in natural gas and a pioneer in Europe in the field of cogeneration technology. There is huge potential in replacing and improving the efficiency of traditional boilers with micro CHP units. Micro CHP has a strong Europe based industry with currently has world leadership in key sectors and offers huge growth in the near term.

“As a mature available technology, cogeneration is one of the foundation technologies for achieving energy efficiency in Europe. The logic of investing in cogeneration to improve energy efficiency is more than ever compelling” said Fiona Riddoch, Managing Director of COGEN Europe. ”Investing in cogeneration provides economic growth in an indigenous sector with a breadth of local jobs in the project and installation work. At a time when the economics of energy is hugely under scrutiny investment in energy efficiency and cogeneration makes great sense”


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